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Originating its name from the famous DC superhero, The Flash is an American Si-fi television series that follows the steps of a young man with superhuman abilities and his journey to seize the day, by fighting the evil. First aired in 2014, the story follows Barry Allen aka the Flash, who works as an investigator, who, after an accident, gains godlike speed and fights criminals and other vicious metahumans (mutated humans). It is basically a direct spin-off from Arrow, its analogue, with many crossovers both shows offer.

Barry, played by Grant Gustin, is a crime scene investigator, who investigates mysterious cases and other cases of sinister nature. His tragic past makes him develop interest in such cases which might help him cast some light on his mother’s eerie murder. But, his life changes when he meets with an accident and falls unconscious. On waking, he finds out that he has been transformed into a metahuman with phenomenal speed, and hence, decides to make use of it in fighting the evil. The Flash is an account of the episodes that follow after Barry’s mutation and is wrapped up in an action packed series. There are plenty of characters that feature in this series; from plenty of allies and powerful enemies, to many foes and deceiving friends. From epic fight scenes, to mesmerizing visuals and astonishing narrative, this show has it all. The acting, background score, direction, use of CGI and everything about it will surely enthral and leave the audience spellbound. Featuring actors like Grant Gustin, Tom Felton and Candice Patton, the series has an electrifying storyline, with a plot so immersive that any comic book enthusiast will fall in love with it.
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The series received a good feedback from the audience and the critics as well, and even managed to win the People’s Choice Award and a nomination at the Primetime Emmys. Apart from that, it has received a total of 10 wins and 27 nominations at different award ceremonies as well. With over four million viewership, the series has become one of the most favourite television shows worldwide. Currently airing its third season, a lot is expected from the episodes that follow. With its tenth episode about to get broadcasted in early 2017, a lot is about to happen as the plot gets gripping and thrilling. So, fasten your seatbelt, because this series will surely make you go supersonic.

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The Flash season 4 is The Most awaited season of this Year. All the fans of Flash and CW network are much excited about the Successful opening of The Flash Season 03. The first episode will be aired on 10th of October 2017. Officially on CW Network USA, Canada and United Kingdom. You can download and watch The flash season 4 episodes online on internet for free. The first five episodes of season 4 has been officially announced by CW network, the names for rest of the episodes are yet to be announced. Hopefully they will also be released in coming weeks.
upcoming flash season 4 episodes

Episode 1 : The Flash Reborn
Episode 2 : Mixed Signals
Episode 3 : Luck Be a Lady
Episode 4 : Elongated Journey Into Night
Episode 5 : Girls Night Out

The Flash season 4 – Synopsis and Recap

This Show is based on the story of a fictional comic character The Flash (Barry Allen) published by DC comics. Basically in this story our beloved super hero was stuck by the lightning and after that his life changes, He became the fastest man on earth. But later he realised he is not alone and there are others who gained superpower with the same lightening & he has to stop all super villain who are trying to destroy his city. After altering the timeline he managed to save his mother.
There are lot of things that are changed when Barry saved his mother from the face of death. The story line is quite similar to the comic series of the show. In the starting of the season Barry Allen witnessed the fight of flash with the rival, and he will be back as speedster in the upcoming episode. in the 2nd episode of the series “Paradox” Allen is attracted with the news reporter. they become friends and then they also starts dating.
The third episode of the season is focused on Magenta, A villain with superpowers who can control any kind of metal. Barry and team tries to save Central city from the Magenta.
This season is more amazing than any of the previous season of The Flash. There is lot of Action and thriller in this upcoming season of The Flash S04. The Flash season 03 is expected to break all record and Become #1 TV serials and Arrow is also releasing its latest season along with Flash , so there would be an obvious competition among both of them.
Also we can see both of them The Flash and Arrow working together to fight crime in upcoming episodes because this show is based on DC Multiverse concept. Even though season 4 of The Flash would be aired on TV but still there would be many who would missed its broadcast, so here on our website you can watch season 4 all episodes online.

The Flash season 4 Release Dates & Premiere

The Flash season 4 Have Total 23 episodes. The first episode of The Flash S04e01 will aired on 10th October 2017.
The Flash season 4 episode 2 (Flash S04e02) release date is 17th October 2017. All episodes will air of CW Network’s CV TV. on Enjoy Free Streaming of Flash season 4 Full episodes

Reviews and Ratings

The Flash Reviews
9.6/10 Rating
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CW : The Flash season 4 Spoilers

A New Flash is Coming in the The Flash season 4, Wally West is playing role of Kid Flash. in the Leaked Videos of Flash season 03 it was shown. A mysterious Black Flash is also to be seen. which may be the villain in the upcoming season of the flash. in The Last episodes of season 2 Barry Allen travelled back to time to save his mom.
in the 2nd or 3rd of The Flash we may see super girl. Super girl believed to be cousin sister of superman and she came from the another planet called Kryptonite. This season they are going to introduce more Super Heroes of DC Multiverse.
New Villain with superpowers
Evil Speedster Savitar is presented as Villain in the Lead role in season three. Speedster Savitar was actually a cold war pilot. he messed up in an accident while testing a supersonic fighter jet plane. and he suffered from lightning on the plane. from the reaction of lightning of his supersonic jet he got super powers from that lightning accident. and after gaining super speed he named himself as savitr. which is name of Hindu god in India. he learned more about super powers and increased his extraordinary abilities and powers. Speedster Savitar can give speed to any human or any object. and he can heal any injury instantly. so his fight with flash is going to be very interesting. lets see how our superhero will defeat Speedster evil.
S04e01 streaming
the flash S04 full episodes streaming will be aired. on CW TV and online. while DC is going to Launch s05 of the famous “Arrow”. and Super Girl is also about to be aired in the same month. so flash directors made huge changes in the story line and cast to make flash season 4 better than ever.
the things you should know about flash show season 03 streaming. Zack Stentz the Superhero from X-Men is going to join The flash. In flash series 3 full episodes we will also see Wentworth Miller the prison break star, and according to the internal sources The Flash also manage to built his own team. and its name is “team Flash”. team flash will appear the the upcoming episodes of S04.
Series timeline
in the next series of flash Barry Allen is just a normal guy. a superhero with no superpowers. he lives a simple life. with his mom and dad. his mom and dad are shown alive in the episode of S04e01. This season is mostly following the story timeline of The Flash Comic Book series “Flashpoint Paradox”.

English subtitles
the flash season 4 subtitles are in English Language. file contains subtitles for the flash serials 3 full episode. Watchers can also find flash subtitles in other languages available in our site.

The Flash season 4 Full Episode

in the recent comic-book event Grant Gus revealed the secret about the flash season 4 story-line. he was a in one of the lead role. in the s01 and s02. now CW TV and Directors of Flash Decided to make changes. and Barry Allen will be in the lead role in all episodes of flash S04. The series got a new consultant director Zack Stentz. Zack is the well known director of Thor and X-men series movies. Zack confirmed on his twitter handle that he has going to become a part of this TV show. Zack is also coming with his new movie The Power Rangers. According to experts there is going to be reunion of Team Flash. Each and every superhero who want to save the world the will joining Team Flash. Barry Allen.Cisco, Wally West etc are in the main role of the team.

season 4 – Confirmed Plots

  • There will be a two part musical crossover with Supergirl, Along with that crossover with Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow are also confirmed.
  • Get ready to see Cisco in Action with his new powers and awesome Costume.
  • Two part episodes featuring Gorilla City and the return of Grodd.
  • Jay Garrick will have an expanded role in the second half of the Season.
  • jessica Camacho will portray Gypsy in an unidentified episode.

The Flash Season 4 : The Flash Reborn

The flash Season 4 Full episodes will be aired on CW TV in October 2017. First episode of The flash season 4 is named ‘The Flash Reborn’.

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