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The Flash Season 3 Predictions – TheFlash Predictions

The Flash season 3 Predictions
in the recent comic-book event Grant Gus revealed the secret about the flash season 3 story-line. he was a in one of the lead role. in the s01 and s02. now CW TV and Directors of Flash Decided to make changes. and Barry Allen will be in the lead role in all episodes of flash s03. The series got a new consultant director Zack Stentz. Zack is the well known director of Thor and X-men series movies. Zack confirmed on his twitter handle that he has going to become a part of this TV show. Zack is also coming with his new movie The Power Rangers. According to experts there is going to be reunion of Team Flash. Each and every superhero who want to save the world the will joining Team Flash.  Barry Allen.Cisco, Wally West etc are in the main role of the team.
the flash season 3 predictions
in the the flash season 3 very very exciting.
Patty Spivot the X girlfriend of Barry Allen may make a comeback in the season 3. sources say the she will return central city in theflashs03
in the the flash season 02 episodes audience liked the Patty very much. and her role was adorable.

The Flash season 03 Synopsis

in the flash season 3 Barry Allen looks very changed. he live in dreams, always thinks about his parents. like the parents are alive.
he purposed Iris West in his dreams. and starts dating with her.
Barry wants to marry Iris West and live like a just another normal guy in the central city.
he wants to live a simple life. but the question is who will save the world. Barry has to Take Decisions. that he wants to live in a simple life. or he will be return as the flash. to save the universe.the flash season 3 synopsis

Kid Flash – The Flashs03e01

kid flash in the new twist in the season 3.
in the first episode of the flash season 3. a kid flash will take entry.
some new villains are also introduced in the flash season 3. now they are more powerful than the all previous villeins.
Dressing of the character is also improved in season 3. new costumes of cast looks better.
For More interesting the flash predictions. watch the flash season 3 spoilers.

The Flash Promo

The flash season 3 premieres are out. check the flash s03 release date and Promo

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