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The Flash season 3 episode 9 streaming

The Flash season 3 episode 9 online streaming

# Episode name        Original Air Date
9 “The Present” 6th December, 2016
Barry headed to Earth-3 to get some advice from Jay Garrick on how to stop Savitar. Wally West told Barry that he is been into training with H.R. , The old wounds are reopened when Cisco faces the first Christmas without Dante

the flash season 3 episode 9

As the Savitar menace persists, Barry is forced to go to Earth-3 and seek help from Jay Garrick. Luckily, both of them are able to defeat Alchemy in time, and Jay is saved as Savitar vanishes. Alchemy’s weapon is seized and the box is closed. We get to know that there will be a traitor in their team, another teammate would succumb, while one would suffer an eerie fate. Barry experiences another time lapse as he tries to throw Alchemy’s weapon into the Speed Force. He foresees something really bad and agonizing; though Joe tells Barry that future is uncertain and can be changed. Kid Flash makes his appearance once again, and watch the episode to find out more.
Episode 9 is the last episode in this term of the flash season 3. after that flash team will be on a mid term break. watchers of flash need to wait till 24th of January for the next episode of the flash s3.
for now enjoy Christmas and new year vacations and wait for the next flash episode.
in the flash season 3 episode 9 directors have given a twist and suspense in the series so flash fans can think what is going to be happen in the episode 10 of the flash.
Savitar is fighting with the flash in the episode 9 but battle is not over yet. our superhero will be back very soon.
meanwhile some peoples in India are not happy with the flash. because in s3e09 the Savitar claimed to be god of speed. Savitar is trying to find the philosopher’s stone. this stone can give Savitar ultimate powers.
this episodes ends with Savitar screaming “you loose Barry.” now it will be very exciting to see that what happens in the episode 10.

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