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The Flash S03-E18 (Abra Kadabra)

What’s up fans? The previous episode was great! Supergirl and Barry singing and dancing their way out of an alternate world. Well, the series is back with another such episode titled Abra Kadabra. Yes, the same Abra Kadabra who hails from New Earth and goes by the name Citizen Abra. The episode is all set to be aired on the 28 th of March.

Following the events after Duet, this episode will introduce the audience to Abra Kadabra, from Earth-19, who is a famous sorcerer. Barry fights him and after a dreadful fight, is about to defeat him. That’s when he makes an offer to Barry. He offers to reveal Savitar’s true identity to him if Barry releases him. Too tempting, right? Barry, out of desperation to save Iris, agrees with him. That’s when there is turmoil and confusion when Gypsy makes her move to capture Abra for her own reasons. Seeking to the advantage, Abra Kadabra manages to escape. As we can imagine, this infuriates Barry and he starts believing that it was solely because of Gypsy that Abra escaped. But, what was the reason behind Gypsy capturing Abra? Anyway, there is also some bitterness between Caitlin and Julian, but when she gets injured, he rushes to her aid.

So, will Barry be able to re-capture Abra Kadabra? Only time will tell. Why are Julian and Caitlin at ill terms? Plenty of questions, too much suspense. For more, tune into The Flash on March 28. Peace! 🙂

Continuing from Duet will surely follow the events from the last episode in the duet. Not much is known about this episode, but speculations are that there will be a timeline shift. Rachel Bloom, from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has written a song for this episode. People on Reddit are going gaga over it and have even started relating Supergirl with Barry. Well, if that will be the case, then Iris will surely go nuts over it and there might be some relationship dispute involved as well. Apparently, when there is more than one main character involved (that too hot), disputes and problems are expected to happen. So, let us wait and see what happens and how does our favourite superhero manage to save his relationship.

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