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The Flash Season 3 Episode 1

Episode Summary

# Episode name Original Air Date
1 “Flashpoint” 4th October, 2016
Barry will soon realise that he can’t get the things as the way he wanted – After saving his parents Barry started living in a peaceful world with his both parents. New Speedster, Kid flash, running around saving the city. Barry started to forget his old life and continued to live in his new alternate universe. In addition to loosing memories his powers also started to fade away. Barry must decide whether he wants to live in alternate world or return to his universe as The Flash.

There was  a lot on buzz and rumours that The Flash would be adapting the story line of Flashpoint  in the upcoming season of The Flash which is season 3. Despite of these rumours both online and offline, the guy Grant Gustin has officially himself have confirmed the news that season 3 of flash would be adapting the story line of Flashpoint and have also revealed the name of Season 3 of The Flash.
watch the flash season 3 episode 1 online streaming

Contrary to what the audience has witnessed in the beginning, Barry saves his mother, Nora, from being murdered by Thawne (aka Reverse-Flash) and returns to the original timeline and imprisons him as well. Now, as the past has been meddled with, the entire timeline changes. Both, Nora and Henry are alive and other things have also drastically changed, and an entirely new Flash, known as the Kid Flash is also in Central City. Barry even teams up with him in order to take on another meta human. Later, Barry realises that everything is not the way he wanted (especially for his allies), then he is forced to make a drastic decision. What happens to the Kid Flash? Why decision does Barry take? Watch the episode, Flashpoint, to find out more.

watch The Flash Season 3 Episode 1 Flashpoint online streaming
With the Zoom’s defeat in season 2 of the Flash, audience where left in a great dilemma that how would flash conquer his enemies, but the star of The Flash has himself confirmed about the title of upcoming series of The Flash Season 3.
For whose who are not familiar well with the Flash Season 3 and it’s previous seasons it is a science fiction action thriller TV drama show by well know DC Comics.
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Later on Grant Gustin revealed on twitter about the latest upcoming season 3 of the flash and also confirmed that The Flash Season 3 would be using FlashPoint story line. He then followed it up with another tweet: “We’re definitely doing this FP [Flashpoint] thing our own way.. I’ve read Flashpoint, I’ve seen the amazing animated film. This will be its own thing.”

the flash s03e01

Flashpoint is a comic written in the year 2003 by Geoff Johns.  The Flash Season 3 could also have FlashPoint universe featured into it. The 27 year old The Flash star asked his fans to have fath in The Flash Season 3 as it would be the best season till now.
The Flash season 3 Spoilers .
The Flash Season 3 would premier on 4th October  on the CW Network. so wait till  The Flash Season 3 Episode 1 Flashpoint is released and let’s hope for the best as The Flash fans have very high expectations from this new upcoming season 3 of the The Flash featuring the Flash Point story line.

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